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Blemish, blotch, flaw, disfigurement or physical defect of any sort; blight; loss of crops due to any natural disaster, as drought, excessive rain, insects; sin, wickedness; disfigured, blemished, malformed, handicapped, imperfect, maimed; to mar, mutilate.

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You will often see it on signs to welcome you into a business or a town. What does hana is a sapling over definitions and articulation is! Disclaimer: I have not studied the Hawaiian language, nor Pidgin, so I am not claiming to be an expert.

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In sum, examining ideology brings to light the ways that the subjugated masses internalize the ideology of the dominant class and consent to their domination without overt coercion.

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If you want an impromptu gathering of your ohana, just go to any grand opening of a new store like Target.

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Now, let me be clear, our belief or faith in aloha is not easily dismissed, nor is it a simple evasion of the unknown or the traumatic kernel that interpellation shields us from.

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Throughout the film, Kānaka Maoli are constructed as a natural resource and aloha is its product, a view that is expressed by both settlers and Kānaka Maoli in the film.

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